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Thursday, January 27, 2005


The one I posted 2 days ago was not posted successfully. what a regret. I write in order to record down my thought at certain time. Now I almost forgot what I ever thought at that time.

I will go home tomorrow. The delivery man was so slow that I failed to meet him this morning. I made a bold decision to let him slip the ticket under the door. Here both buyer and seller are much bolder than those in China. The lady accepted my complaint and my suggestion very promptly.

Chemoil gave me a quite positive feedback. I think they would give me the offer. sigh...the chance is slim to join them although I once built up determination to step on such a watershed. Their review session is unreasonably prolonged. I really lost my patience...especially in the case that I don't need to count on them solely.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


I never thought the AOE can be such an important part in my life and my skill can be sharpen to such an extent.

two years ago when I was running it on my pc in shanghai, i seldom managed to survive even for the normal difficulty. now i can fight with 2 oppenents with difficult level. although a flatmate still describes my skill a novice. I don't think i have any motivation to excel.

I finally got the reply from the sembcorp. the lady was on a so long vacation. I sent to her the enquiry mail last year. Not sure how big the chance is. accidentally, i got to know that Angela's father is in this business and a friend of hers has the idea to sell carbon dioxide quota to less developed countries. It's quite a good idea. I would pick it up in future, but not near future.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


In the talk with the guy from Chemoil, I realized it is really a big shift from my previous work. What he said reminds me a word, watershed.

Oil industry is not bad in the sense it's one of the major and most active business in this tiny but influential country. Steve told me that Anshul and other people describle this guy as arrogant. At the first glance, I have a little bit of that feeling. But it quickly faded away when he starts to explain the flat organization and corporate culture.

Not sure to step on this watershed or not.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Due day

My presentation was not postponed but conducted at 2:00 pm today. Bharat just came back from Dubai late yesterday and Patrick just arrived 2 hours before the meeting. Seems they can handle jetleg quite well, not like me.

It took more time than usual to set up because I cannot link to the projector for some glitch. Bharat's opening speech was therefore prolonged. I can see that he's not quite comfortable with their business performance recently although all quota were met. I felt good since I touched about the sales quota in my file.

My opening with "ART of WAR" is satisfactory. A surprise and profound opening is always better than going to the point directly...although another school argues that presentation should be direct and concise. I know I'm kind of superficial... The three strategic areas I newly put up are the keynote. They are different from the file I sent to him yesterday. I hope he would find it weird if he compare the today's version with the previous one, because the keynote is changed after one night only.

He kept stopping me by adding more points or extending to other areas. The stop is good in the sense he's interested in my argument and also gave me more time to prepare for the next slide. The presentation is much less stressful than I thought, although nearly all the senior managers showed up.

It seems I failed to deliever Activity-based accounting in a clear way. They are a bit confused by some example I offered. For the incentive plan, they cannot agree unanimously. I am fine with that because some debate is better than silence.

The due day is not that bad. I'm quite excited by the end of this internship. I regained my own agenda again. No need to wake up early every morning. Can play tennis more often. Meet people back from home.

A bit sad to say goodbye to everyone in the office. They are all kind and supportive. It's quite good to know Mariana, a pretty girl speaking fast and writing blog. She also makes my lunch and the way back home much more interesting. Thanks for her Ferrero.

Ritchie and I planned a gathering for the senior batch at Newton Circus tomorrow. Don't know why Sue-lynn suggested Newton Circus. In fact I prefer some buffet at some hotel. But the point is not eating but meeting people. I'm looking forward to it. The time of tennis clashes with the gathering. I think the weather will help decide whether play or not.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

The 2nd last day of Internship

My fortune is quite opposite to that of the other intern in the same trench. She's happier the closer to the end. I'm more stressful the closer to the end. I enjoy the internship quite lot because I can manage my own time and has no supervision at all. But I have to deliver my presentation tomorrow, which is the only thing I have to work out. Therefore, the weight is heavy.

I scrambled to finish a draft version and sent out to Bharat. I have sent him nothing during in the past although I promised to communicate with him via email. Later I realize that the scend page in the file has some wrong info but it was sent out already. I wish he won't read it carefully in the sake of jetleg.

Don't know why I cannot be serious on the preparation of presentation. I'm kinda shocked by the way those undergraduates prepare presentation. It seems they rehearsal every slide and and recite every word. What I do usually is to familiarise myself the title and key words.

I still cannot decide on whether to engage any modules next semester. Some graduating people are quite keen to stay on campus. Thinking about going home for spring festival, I know the registration would put me in a dilemma. Also, the registration is quite troublesome. I'd like to take the freeriding strategy.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005



a mission without direction

I'm now sitting in a single room. the condition is superb because single room is assigned to executives only. I got this laurel simply because no other space for me since the guy from India came to office.

I've been worked on this 80/20 project for more than one month. Ironically but symbolically, only 20% of the time is really spent on the work. I refresh my outlook page every 5 min, and go through all the articles on the I fully understand what called the boundless freedom, which does not encourage you to work but do whatever at my pleasure. It's a double-edged sword helping me enjoy my time but also kill my time at velocity of light.

I really don't know where how I should work on this 80/20 project. all the data analyses have been done last time to the extreme extent. Its China office seems hesitant to share their data with me with the excuse that they need much time to consolidate sales data spread in serveral offices. It won't be a real problem for me as I already decided to take a qualitative way this time. The real problem is I have to collate the threads from the conversation with the Bahrat and the serveral books and pieces of online information.

80/20 is too simple to do. I find most of the suggestions in my mind are common sense or intuitive instincts. I try to get idea from the guy from ITW. But his thought is more based on the channel distribution. Without the info of cost, I find it difficult to do any analysis on that field. Maybe I have to read again the implementation of BalanceScord card. The article of Kaplan is classic and enlightening. The implementation part can be referred to since it touches every aspects of a commercial organization.

This internship is meaningful in the sense it forces me to recognize the works of gurus, like Kaplan, Michael Porter, Juran and Deming. I have to say, these guys are really smart. Only they can construct the cornerstone of management development. I just wish I could be one of the numerous cobblestones.

A blog created by whim

Writing diary is like a collegiate habit which I lost long time ago. The last time I wrote a sentence in my thick diary, with a romanic cover, is in my 3rd undergraduate year.

I'm not someone who likes writing. To some extent, i try to avoid any writing related works. Two people actually enticed me to do so. One is an Indian classmate who presented a consumer behavior paper related to Bloggers. At that time, I had no idea about blogging. Another person is a cute girl who worked with in my internship company.

Putting something down is not bad since it at least leaves some trail to my past. It may also reminds me something i always forget. It's also easier to share with friends in the sense I don't need to copy what I want to say to those people on the msn again and again. Last point, I think I need to improve my writing, both enlgish and chinese. More than often I feel quite lost when I have write idea where to start and how to put. I know my writing skill is as rusty as my muscle... really terrible.