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Thursday, January 06, 2005

The 2nd last day of Internship

My fortune is quite opposite to that of the other intern in the same trench. She's happier the closer to the end. I'm more stressful the closer to the end. I enjoy the internship quite lot because I can manage my own time and has no supervision at all. But I have to deliver my presentation tomorrow, which is the only thing I have to work out. Therefore, the weight is heavy.

I scrambled to finish a draft version and sent out to Bharat. I have sent him nothing during in the past although I promised to communicate with him via email. Later I realize that the scend page in the file has some wrong info but it was sent out already. I wish he won't read it carefully in the sake of jetleg.

Don't know why I cannot be serious on the preparation of presentation. I'm kinda shocked by the way those undergraduates prepare presentation. It seems they rehearsal every slide and and recite every word. What I do usually is to familiarise myself the title and key words.

I still cannot decide on whether to engage any modules next semester. Some graduating people are quite keen to stay on campus. Thinking about going home for spring festival, I know the registration would put me in a dilemma. Also, the registration is quite troublesome. I'd like to take the freeriding strategy.


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