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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A blog created by whim

Writing diary is like a collegiate habit which I lost long time ago. The last time I wrote a sentence in my thick diary, with a romanic cover, is in my 3rd undergraduate year.

I'm not someone who likes writing. To some extent, i try to avoid any writing related works. Two people actually enticed me to do so. One is an Indian classmate who presented a consumer behavior paper related to Bloggers. At that time, I had no idea about blogging. Another person is a cute girl who worked with in my internship company.

Putting something down is not bad since it at least leaves some trail to my past. It may also reminds me something i always forget. It's also easier to share with friends in the sense I don't need to copy what I want to say to those people on the msn again and again. Last point, I think I need to improve my writing, both enlgish and chinese. More than often I feel quite lost when I have write idea where to start and how to put. I know my writing skill is as rusty as my muscle... really terrible.


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