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Friday, January 07, 2005

Due day

My presentation was not postponed but conducted at 2:00 pm today. Bharat just came back from Dubai late yesterday and Patrick just arrived 2 hours before the meeting. Seems they can handle jetleg quite well, not like me.

It took more time than usual to set up because I cannot link to the projector for some glitch. Bharat's opening speech was therefore prolonged. I can see that he's not quite comfortable with their business performance recently although all quota were met. I felt good since I touched about the sales quota in my file.

My opening with "ART of WAR" is satisfactory. A surprise and profound opening is always better than going to the point directly...although another school argues that presentation should be direct and concise. I know I'm kind of superficial... The three strategic areas I newly put up are the keynote. They are different from the file I sent to him yesterday. I hope he would find it weird if he compare the today's version with the previous one, because the keynote is changed after one night only.

He kept stopping me by adding more points or extending to other areas. The stop is good in the sense he's interested in my argument and also gave me more time to prepare for the next slide. The presentation is much less stressful than I thought, although nearly all the senior managers showed up.

It seems I failed to deliever Activity-based accounting in a clear way. They are a bit confused by some example I offered. For the incentive plan, they cannot agree unanimously. I am fine with that because some debate is better than silence.

The due day is not that bad. I'm quite excited by the end of this internship. I regained my own agenda again. No need to wake up early every morning. Can play tennis more often. Meet people back from home.

A bit sad to say goodbye to everyone in the office. They are all kind and supportive. It's quite good to know Mariana, a pretty girl speaking fast and writing blog. She also makes my lunch and the way back home much more interesting. Thanks for her Ferrero.

Ritchie and I planned a gathering for the senior batch at Newton Circus tomorrow. Don't know why Sue-lynn suggested Newton Circus. In fact I prefer some buffet at some hotel. But the point is not eating but meeting people. I'm looking forward to it. The time of tennis clashes with the gathering. I think the weather will help decide whether play or not.


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