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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

a mission without direction

I'm now sitting in a single room. the condition is superb because single room is assigned to executives only. I got this laurel simply because no other space for me since the guy from India came to office.

I've been worked on this 80/20 project for more than one month. Ironically but symbolically, only 20% of the time is really spent on the work. I refresh my outlook page every 5 min, and go through all the articles on the I fully understand what called the boundless freedom, which does not encourage you to work but do whatever at my pleasure. It's a double-edged sword helping me enjoy my time but also kill my time at velocity of light.

I really don't know where how I should work on this 80/20 project. all the data analyses have been done last time to the extreme extent. Its China office seems hesitant to share their data with me with the excuse that they need much time to consolidate sales data spread in serveral offices. It won't be a real problem for me as I already decided to take a qualitative way this time. The real problem is I have to collate the threads from the conversation with the Bahrat and the serveral books and pieces of online information.

80/20 is too simple to do. I find most of the suggestions in my mind are common sense or intuitive instincts. I try to get idea from the guy from ITW. But his thought is more based on the channel distribution. Without the info of cost, I find it difficult to do any analysis on that field. Maybe I have to read again the implementation of BalanceScord card. The article of Kaplan is classic and enlightening. The implementation part can be referred to since it touches every aspects of a commercial organization.

This internship is meaningful in the sense it forces me to recognize the works of gurus, like Kaplan, Michael Porter, Juran and Deming. I have to say, these guys are really smart. Only they can construct the cornerstone of management development. I just wish I could be one of the numerous cobblestones.


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